The best of the best.
Hi. You are probably here because you are a sexually frustrated person who just wants to stare at some of the most attractive guys ever. Same here. These are my picks for some of the most attractive guys. Note: There will probably be many posts about Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Matthew Lewis. I shall try and not post them THAT often.

okay guys, this guy is named Zayn Malik. I dont know why he is famous. I also dont know why, but guys in sweat pants are babes. So truck on Zayn Malik. And i dont know how old he is… so if i am being a ped, just tell me. 

UPDATE:  loveforzaynmalikid informed me that he is 18! We are welcome to swoon!
Robert Downy Jr. is like a fine wine, he getts better with age. No seriously though, he was the creepiest looking guy when he was younger. Lul, he is good looking now and that is all that matters. :)
Max Greenfield. You are a cutie. And what wins it for me, is the fact you used to be on the OC to play a young sandy cohan. <3
Alex Pettyfer. You may be a babe on film, but not when you are still. sorry, but true. you still are ridiculously attractive though. :)
All i’m trying to say is; I’d get sleazy, for Ron Weasley. 
Chris Evans, you are always just so fantastic looking. 
Cillian Murphy,  I dont know HOW IN GOD’S NAME you can be so unattractive in pictures, but sooooooo babely in movies. umf. 
Hugh Jackman, I want to be on you. 
James Marsden, it… ugh…. is really… ugh…. unfortunate that you are…. getting a divorce…

To be completely honest, i dont know who would break up with this, but i guess it is for the best. And when i say “for the best” , i mean best for all single women everywhere. 
Jeff Conaway. You were such a cutie in Grease. RIP :(